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B2C is Komplett’s biggest business area.

We began our operations in the B2C segment in Norway in 1996, and expanded to Sweden in 2000 and Denmark in 2006. Our main activities within the B2C segment comprise sale of electronics to consumers in Norway, Sweden and Denmark through the operation of NetOnNet, Komplett B2C and Webhallen.

NetOnNet has two online shops in Sweden and Norway, and, and a total of 29 complementary self-service, logistics and warehouse shops located in Sweden and Norway.

Komplett B2C is purely e-commerce including two pick-up-points offered by "", in Oslo and at the warehouse in Sandefjord.

Webhallen is a multi-channel player with a combination of e-commerce and physical stores.

  • Founded in 1999, NetOnNet is a leading online-first electronics platform offering both well-known and own brands.
  • Komplett B2C is a pioneer within online retail, and in 2021 the company has been present in the market since 1996.
  • The operations under the "Webhallen" brand were established in 1999 and has a unique standing among gaming enthusiast.


Komplett is a leading provider of computers and IT equipment to Nordic SMEs.

We began our operations in the B2B market in Norway in 2002, under the sub-brand "Komplett Bedrift". In 2020, the Group introduced its own B2B web shop in Sweden under the sub-brand "Komplett Företag". The Group's B2B operations include sales to companies and public entities/institutions where the customer is the end-customer of the products. We particularly operate toward smaller entities, and are a leading provider of computers and IT equipment to Nordic SMEs.

  • Komplett B2B offers its customers a fully digital customer journey through its webshops "" and "", serving the Norwegian and Swedish market, respectively.
  • The Group offers its customers a wide assortment in stock, as well as solutions adapted to individual companies' needs.


Distribution is carried out under the brand of Itegra.

We began our operations in the distribution segment in 1999. Our activities in the distribution segment consist of large scale distribution contracts for sale to resellers and other big entities not covered by B2B. These activities are operated under the "Itegra" brand and its own platform. Itegra is present in Norway and Sweden, and serves its customers through the websites "" and "", respectively.

  • Distribution comprise sale to resellers and other big entities not covered by B2B.
  • The Norwegian business is significantly larger than the Swedish and holds substantial agreements with big brands.
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