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What we do

Komplett is a leading online retailer of electronic products in Scandinavia, offering one of the market’s broadest selection of consumer electronics and business solutions. Our business solutions include sales to public and private enterprises, large and small, as well as wholesales to retailers.

We are headquartered in Sandefjord, Norway, but also hold an office in Oslo, Stockholm and Göteborg to serve the Scandinavian market. We are organized in three divisions: B2C, B2B and Distribution.

We have one of the market’s broadest selections of consumer electronics and business solutions, featuring more than 35 000 products, including the latest computer components, PCs, household electronics and other computer-related products as well as brown goods and white goods. We offer the main brands, carry the latest products and make it easy for our customers to compare prices and models.

The Komplett history


Komplett was established in Sandefjord, Norway in 1991. In 1996 we introduced e-commerce to the Norwegian market by establishing the online platform and webshop “”. We are a pioneer within online retail and have a particular heritage for consumer electronics and gaming products.

Komplett history

Who we are

Who are we?

We are our customers!

We have a strong culture driven by tech enthusiasts and we pride ourselves with the saying “we are our customers”.

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Komplett's business areas

Komplett offers one of the market’s broadest selections of consumer electronics and business solutions. We strive to be the obvious choice for our customers, suppliers and employees by positioning ourselves as the direct link between manufacturers and end-consumers. We operate within three reporting segments: B2C, B2B and distribution, and serve our customers through our eight webshops, as well as 20 retail stores in Sweden.

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