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Who we are


We are our customers

At Komplett we have a strong culture driven by tech enthusiasts and we pride ourselves with the saying “we are our customers”. We have historically developed from being an organization of gamers and product experts to an organisation who seeks to be a discussion partner for customers seeking great advice and to meet customers in the channels they are active in. 

We have in the previous years professionalised our organisation by adding specialist functions. We believe this, combined with the focus on "we are our customers", is an important factor in order to strengthen our competitiveness. We also place high emphasis on employee satisfaction and talent development, in order to maintain Komplett as an attractive and preferred workplace. 

Our vision, “the obvious choice”, provides guidance and energy. Each and every day, we strive to be the “the obvious choice” for customers, suppliers, employees and society. 

To develop complete solutions that make life easier. 

Our values are fundamental to our corporate culture. Our values tell us how to work, how to treat each other and, not least, how we are perceived by the world around us. 

Keep our promises, meet deadlines, keep up, be clear and accurate. Have respect for and confidence in each other. 

Think smart, find simple solutions. Make life easier for our customers and ourselves. 

Get involved and wish each other well. Create enthusiasm and get pleasure from your work.