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Komplett tolerance


Our people are front and centre of our success. We are an organisation in constant development, with a diverse workforce. Taking care of our employees is always on top of our agenda. By constantly securing safe and healthy working conditions and a positive work environment, we aim to preserve and build on healthy, motivated employees and a strengthened internal culture.

We recognize our impact and the responsibility we have towards the people at all levels of our value chain as well as society beyond our sphere of influence. We work with several suppliers and develop our own brands in countries where risks of violations of human rights and labour rights are present. Therefore, we work continuously with our partners to help prevent violations of applicable laws in the respective countries.

Equality, Diversity and Dignity

Komplett is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity, and any discrimination and harassment on the grounds of gender, national origin, ethnicity, language, sexual orientation, age and religious and political philosophy is not tolerated in our organisation. This applies to recruitment, career development, working conditions and equal pay for equal work. A personnel handbook is designed to ensure equal opportunities and rights to all employees, as well as to prevent discrimination. Komplett engages more than 15 nationalities. Our goal is to increase diversity in the organisation, and we strive to ensure the composition of our employees reflect the general population in the area of operation.

Digital inclusion

As a leading digital technology provider in Norway, we will use our position to emphasise digital inclusion. We will work to innovate and provide both well-designed services and introduce initiatives aimed to include all groups of society. We work to continuously evaluate and develop our projects and concepts in this area. Previous initiatives include “Gamers against Cancer” and “Spelgrytan”.

Komplett works to continuously develop our websites in line with universal design. Universal design is based on the idea that services should be available to everyone, regardless og age, functional ability and level of education. We strive to facilitate use of our webpages for all our customers. We have previously dedicated a universal design lead among our developers and held workshops to provide insight and awareness. Our ambition is to be leading within universal design and availability as part of our strategy on digital inclusion.

Supply chain engagement

Komplett’s supply chain consists of many different suppliers, from transporters of goods to delivery of services, to producers and providers of products. We strive to have a continuous dialogue with our suppliers and to improve on all sustainability aspects together through corporation with them.

We only cooperate with partners, suppliers and other businesses that maintains a high ethical standard and pursue good business practices. We have strict procedures and routines for sourcing together with our partners to select products, select new suppliers and to ensure and check quality.