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Komplett Circular


Our customers love electronics and constantly buy new products both privately and at work. We know that there are several sustainability challenges associated with electronics such as resource scarcity, environmental footprint of resource extraction and hazardous components that must be recycled safely. At the same time, some materials such as gold can be recycled up to 100 times. These materials are important resources that must be taken care of as part of the electronics life cycle. Unfortunately, a lot of electronics are still not recycled. Therefore, increased recycling of electronics is an important measure to prevent losing valuable resources. We need to salvage these resources so that they can be reincorporated into the lifecycle of electronic products.

Komplett wants to contribute to solving relevant sustainability challenges in the electronics industry. For us, it is important to take responsibility for the lifespan and disposal of our products. We do this by offering circular services, such as “buy-back” and leasing services, and focus on simplifying the return on EE waste. We have clear ambitions to create a return concept that solves challenges in the return flow specifically around online shopping.

Material use

It is an important part of our strategy to reduce material use in our packaging, and to only use recyclable materials. Historically we have used both renewable packaging material (cardboard and wood) and non-renewable material (plastics).

We strive to reduce the amount of non-renewable materials. In the cardboard we use, all raw material is sourced from Scandinavian forests and the cardboard is produced in Sweden and Germany. Our supplier of packaging materials is certified with Eco lighthouse environmental management system. Some of our suppliers use Styrofoam as packaging material to help protect their products before they arrive at our warehouses. Through an innovative collaboration with Norsirk, we have been able to reduce the amount of Styrofoam that gets thrown away. Instead of going to waste, Komplett use the Styrofoam to package other products. That way, we repurpose the material, and as a result give it a longer lifespan.

Waste management

At Komplett, we are engaged with recycling as much of our waste as possible. Through our collaboration with Norsirk, we gain valuable insights into our waste management performance and ideas for measures to further reduce waste.

Circular innovation and development

Komplett is an innovative organisation, and we are on a mission to make life easier for our customers. Our focus is on finding solutions for enhancing recycling of electronic waste from e-commerce. By partnering with actors such as Norsirk and our suppliers, we can develop new ways to efficiently collect electronic waste from our customers. All our products undergo health and safety evaluations and are in compliance with relevant laws and regulations before being launched in our stores. Continuous improvement of processes and constant competence development is high on our agenda to fulfill customer, regulatory, and internal quality requirements.